This site is used by Kapi-Mana Motorcycle Club to register for upcoming events. By pre-registering there is no obligation to ride but it does help with speeding up the check-in process.

In order to enter these events please ensure that you:

  1. Hold a valid MNZ license
  2. Are the correct age for the class you are registering in
  3. Have all the required MX safety gear including helmet, boots and body armour
  4. Have a bike that adheres to the size restrictions of the class, is serviced and is in full working condition

Please make sure that you check Facebook for all the latest updates from KMMC. If an event is not registered here then online registration may not have been setup - Facebook is the best place to check.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events open for online registration. Please check the KMMC Facebook page for the latest event information.

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If you are looking for information regarding club membership and other contact information please click here